Simple Organising Kick-starter Workshop

For families

Want to clear your space fast, but not sure where to start?

The Simple Organising Kick-starter Workshop walks you step by step through the process of decluttering three common problem areas in your home – the pantry, toys and papers. This easy-to-digest 3-part video training will help you to quickly transform your space so you can spend less time cleaning. No more overwhelm!

The Simple Organising Kick-starter:

- Focuses on the 3 most common areas that mums ask me for help with, where the clutter frequently grows out of control and takes them away from spending time with their families;
- Gives you realistic actions and how-tos to declutter these common areas fast, so that you can recognise actual results and start building the momentum and confidence to tackle the rest of your home; and
- Includes both practical doing steps as well as my top tips on how to overcome the procrastination and anxiety about your stuff which has kept you stuck for so long. 

What's included

- A video lesson for each space to guide you along the way, where you’ll receive my expert tips on getting your mindset right to make real and lasting changes to your home life;

- Lifetime access to the course including all videos and checklists;

- Bonus downloadable declutter checklists for each area covered in the lessons;

- Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos where I show you exactly how I declutter in my own home. These videos aren’t available anywhere else.  

All this for just $33 AUD.
With my gentle guidance, realistic tips and motivational help, once you get the ball rolling it can be somewhat addictive and you won’t want to stop!

A little action adds up to big progress and before you know it, you’ll see results.  

Are you ready to work with me and clear your space once and for all?

Course Curriculum